W116 W116 W116 W116 W116
  450 SEL
Chassis 116 033
February 1973 - June 1980
Engine M 117
Configuration Front engine
Rear wheel drive
Suspension, front double wishbone with torsion bar stabilizer
coil springs, suppl. rubber suspension
Suspension, rear diagonal-swing axle, optional hydropneumatic level control
coil springs, suppl. rubber suspension, torsion bar stabilizer
Steering Re-circulating ball and nut power steering;
2.7 turns lock to lock
Braking system hydraulic dual-circuit braking system with vacuum-operated brake servo unit, optional antilock device from Dec 78
Brakes, front disc brakes internally ventilated
(278 mm)
Brakes, rear disc brakes solid
(279 mm)
Wheels 6.5 J x 14 H 2
steel wheels, optional light-alloy disc wheels
Tyres 205/70 HR 14
Fuel tank capacity
incl. reserve
96 L
13 L approx.
Transmission 3-Speed Automatic
Standard/Optional S
Shifting Switch lever on steering column or car center
Clutch Hydra. torque convertor in automatic gear
Type Planet gear
Synchromesh gears N/A
1st gear 2.31
2nd Gear 1.46
3rd gear 1.0
4th gear N/A
5th gear N/A
Reverse gear 1.84
Final drive 3.07