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A name to be reckoned with throughout the world.

Although we started out in 1967 as a small operation, today we are a medium-sized company with a subsidiary in the United States (AMG of North America), with many agents and bases on five continents.

Whereas we used to work under the roof of an old mill in Burgstall in Wuerttemberg, AMG today has become a company with modern management, generously dimentioned shop, administration and sales rooms in Affalterbach in Swabia, SW Germany.

Whereas we used to concentrate on modifying engines and suspensions, today we make changes to the whole car including all its technical and optical aspects.

A whole range of possible modifications opens up as ways to meet such high technical and aesthetic standards.

This process is so complete that it covers every conceivable desire a customer can have, no matter how exotic. AMG customers are always individualists, whose high standards have been expressed most aptly by the English writer Oscar Wilde: "I have very simple taste, I am always satisfied with the best."

Everything that applies to Mercedes cars also applies to AMG's modifications: logical conclusions instead of compromises. And just as the mark of a Mercedes is quality, the particular characteristic of a Mercedes modified by AMG is its individuality.

As long as it appears reasonable aesthetically and technically, AMG will modify anything the customer want to have modified... and everything to the highest quality standards. "To continue to improve on good features without ever being satisfied with what one has achieved" is AMG's working principle The same principle that made a medium-sized international enterprise out of a small operation in only a few years.

AMG Catalog, printed in 1985.

AMG W116 Part Numbers

Part Part Number
Aerodynamic Enhancements
Front Air Dam 7880004
Side Skirts SE Models 7880067
Side Skirts SEL Models 7880071
Rear Deck Lid Spoiler 7880010
Rear Skirt 7880097
Body Kit (Air Dam, Side and rear skirts & rear spoiler) 7880860
Performance Enhancements
2.65 ratio Differential (ABS,LSD) 7350016
2.82 ratio Differential (ABS,LSD) 7350019
3.06 ratio Differential (ABS,LSD) 7350022
3.27 ratio Differential (ABS,LSD) 7350027
3.46 ratio Differential (ABS,LSD) 7350030
Suspension and handling Enhancements
Lowered Suspension Kit (4 springs and AMG gas pressure shocks) 7320053
AMG Wheels
7 X 15 Silver Centre, C-Type (5 Spoke) 15mm offset 7400039
8 X 16 V1 Silver Centre, (5 Spoke, deep spoke design) 11mm offset 7400117
8 X 16 V2 Silver Centre (5 Spoke) 11mm offset 7400100
8 X 17 Aero, Silver 11mm offset 7400097
Tire and wheel combinations
215/60R15 Eagle GT 7 X 15 (Gatorback) 7400839
225/50VR16 Eagle GT 8 X 16 (Gatorback) 7400800
235/45ZR17 Pirelli P700 8 X 17 Unknown
Interior/Exterior Appointments
Shift Knob
Zebra Wood Manual 7810003
Zebra Wood Auto 7810004
AMG Trunk Lid Emblem
Chrome Finish 7810008
Matte Black Finish 7810009
Gold-Plated Finish 7810903