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Wheel Alignment

Data 1977

Model Caster (in degrees) Camber (in degrees) Toe-In (in Inch)
280SE, 450SE, 450SEL 10 ± 1/2 -1/8 ± 1/8 3/32 — 5/32
450SEL 6.9 9 3/4 ± 1/2 3/8 ± 1/8 3/32 — 5/32

Adjusting Caster

Appropriate caster adjustments require a 143 Lbs weight at the back seat and a full tank of gasoline. Loosen the locknut on the eccentric bolt, front side lower control arm. Rotate eccentric bolt until alignment specifications are met. Hold the eccentric bolt while tightening the lock nut.

Adjusting Toe-In

The Toe-In is adjusted at the steering linkage. Loosen the locknuts and adjust the linkage to specification.